This photo shows Jonathan in France copying a decorated initial from a thousand-year-old manuscript of The City of God by St. Augustine. To the right is the pencil sketch Jonathan made that day in 1993. These studies inspire all the original artwork for Manuscriptures. The influence of this Romanesque style can be seen in Jonathan’s rendering of Joshua 1:9 above, including the stylized lions.

Inspired by the Winchester Bible and other Romanesque manuscripts, this Manuscripture combines a text from Joshua with scenes from the life of Daniel.

A multitude of other styles are evident in Jonathan’s work. Each of the artworks on this site is related to a specific historical era from the time of the ancient Romans, through Celtic, Romanesque, Gothic, and on to the Renaissance. But every work also bears the unmistakable stamp of Jonathan’s unique interpretation of each style.

Since his early teen years Jonathan has studied the art of book decoration from the time of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance. His discoveries are incorporated in his hand-made serigraphs known as Manuscriptures [tm]. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, and matted in hues that bring out the colors in the art.